A 14, nearly 15 year-old and his venerability, against the overstatement of a yellow Covid world during lockdown. I took the opportunity tto photograh my beautiful man-child son in what is a liminal space for him. This alone has so many metaphors for what is happening in our society right now in such unusual times.

As a photographer and his mum, I wanted to capture his moments of anger, loss and frustration and acceptance when worn down. His clipped wings and the frustrations of lack of voice. I wanted to share the intensity and rewness of his emotions and for the viwer to feel unsettled, uneasy and ultimately empathetic at being brought into a teenage brain and glimpsing his Covid 19 world.

The Series Project. Isolation. July. 2020.


Esther Bunning is a stroy-teller artist who uses a camera as a creative tool.

She loves to combine the magic of blur, movement absraction and light to terll stories with layers and depth, about the people she photographs. Her signature style is recognisable for using creative in-camera techniques, and she produes images that transcend photography. She is recognised as on of New Zealand’s finest portrait photographers, and is Nikon ambassador for New Zealand, and Asukabook ambassador for Australasia, a global Lensbaby ambassador and an Honorary Fellow of the NZIPP (NZ Institute of Professional Photography).