“Heroic Struggler”

Creative people living in Havana have very little material wealth and yet
possess a wealth of spirit & creativity.

Their need to make art is a primal instinct that drives them forward every day
despite the hardships they face.

I honour Victor Castagna an artist and musician, a heroic individual.

I’m humbled for the opportunity I had to capture his beautiful spirit, resilience and courage.


Obsessed with wearing strictly black and white clothing ala 60’s British Mod style, Kim was nicknamed ‘Two Tone Tonelli’. Her obsession with anything British Pop Culture was legendary.

In 1989 Kim followed her passion for sixties rock and roll all the way to London where she felt right at home. She established an esteemed and dynamic career that kept her away from home for almost a decade. Kim’s work has taken her to over 50 cities world-wide. Highlights include: photographing legends in the music business, numerous cover shots for Rolling Stone magazine. Her work has been featured in every major music publication in England and Australia as well as winning first place at the National Youth Media Awards.