The Series Project Edition #5: Radius
Important session links

Below are the dates and times for the next round of Series project Radius sessions, starting 30th May 2022.

Please join as many of the Q&A sessions that you can. Q&A’s are capped at 2 hours, but you don’t need to stay for the full session if you have to run or join later. If you can’t make the call, you’ll find the replay in the relevant Module Facebook guide.

Any questions please ask in the Facebook Group or email info@theseriesproject.com

Meeting ID: 873 1934 9067
Passcode: 806264


Just click on the Q&A below to find out the time and day in YOUR city/ country.

Week 1 (Beginning Sunday 29th May)

Week 2 (Beginning Sunday 5th June)

Week 3
(Beginning Sunday 12th June)


Week 4 - Presentations
(Starting mid-week 21st June)

Final presentations
July 27 or 28 (depending on time zone)