The life of a Bangkok buddhist is one of endless painful cycles of rebirth. A perpetual wandering and a religious striving to eliminate all sensual craving amongst ever-present profanity, desire and attachment. Once there is no resistance to being in hell, heaven opens up and samsara reveals its true nature as nirvana. On the streets there is stoic resistance, a shocking detachment, karma for sale and moments of tenderness.

It's alien. But at the same time there's a human sense of recognition and understanding.

The Series Project, Bangkok. June. 2019.

︎PART 1.

Sankhara-Dukkh : a basic unsatisfactory nature pervading all existence; because all forms of life are changing and impermanent.

︎PART 2.

Samudaya : the cause of origin of suffering; craving, desire, attachment.

︎PART 3.

Nirodha : cessation of suffering by eliminating desire.


Over a long career Christian has shot for many of the world’s largest brands. Working across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA, he’s won international awards in advertising, photography, and recently for his directorial debut short film 'LONGING'.


“Samsara” by Christian Mushenko, shot during The Series Project in Bangkok won an Honourary Mention at the 2019 IPA Awards