“Would you like plastic with that?” There’s unnecessary plastic everywhere these days. You simply have to look and it’s there, somewhere. Ever present, insidious and destined for the world’s ever growing mountains of un-biodegradable landfill.

This series was shot in Bangkok in the middle of an extremely hot summer. I learnt early on from the locals to drink coconut water to stay hydrated, so I thought I’d get in on the action. The vendor deftly lopped off the top of a coconut with a cleaver. Ready to drink one would think. But no, for my added “convenience” he put the coconut in a plastic bag and stuck a plastic straw in it for good measure.

A coconut in a plastic bag with a straw is not convenient, FFS! Nature provides us with a perfectly good container for its coconut water.

It's called a coconut.

In Bangkok, even your plastic bag gets a plastic bag. The same thing happens in any city. Your city. It’s inconvenient convenience, easy made distinctly uneasy.

The big uneasy.

The Series Project, Bangkok. June, 2019.


New Zealander photographer Spid was selected this year as one of the world’s 200 Best Ad Photographers for the prestigious Lürzer's Archive 20/21 Annual. In the last 12 months he has also had 2 Honourable mentions in Lens Culture’s street photography awards and was a finalist in Communications Arts photography annual in the advertising category. His work is also featured in this years Campaign Brief's “The work” .