Shrouded in the Bangkok night there exists an alternative metropolis. There’s more even than you can already see, or know or imagine. Another world. Invisible yet ever present, you can’t see it but it’s there. Forces are driving a certain type of citizen down. Into secretive subterranean spaces. Extreme lengths are taken to keep this world hidden. Code painted on walls, words whispered & never written. What unspoken business is done here where law is slack, what excesses reached unseen?

Behind doors.

The Series Project, Bangkok. June 2019.


Nick Paulsen is a New Zealand Photographer currently based in Auckland. He is formally trained in Photo Journalism and gained International qualifications from Spéos Photography School in Paris. Nick also has extensive experience in the Music Industry and has photographed some of the worlds biggest artists leading to publications in LA Weekly, Mojo Music Magazine and Télérama.

Nick is driven to produce images that can guide us into the mysterious and often hidden realities that surround us.  

Aside from his work in Photo Documentary and Music, Nick is involved with various charities and causes and seeks to create an atmosphere of feeling and emotion with his work. His recent series 'Freedom has a Cancellation' gained acknowledgement from the IPA and was featured in  Christchurch International Airports annual review to showcase the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on travel.