A longtail boat engine is the reincarnation of a reclaimed car/truck engine. They're ripped out of the old family Corolla, when it's given up, before being transformed and reborn. These engines become intertwined in a symbiotic relationship with vastly different families in a way not considered by many. Each engine has its own idiosyncratic personality and depends on its driver to resourcefully fashion it into the force behind his or her lightweight long canoe. Longtails form the backbone of Thailand's tourist transport. The engines are reincarnated once again as part of the family.

Its a tough, oily kind of love.

Series Project Bangkok. June. 2019.


Scott’s skill in creating compelling portraits drives both his commercial and personal work. New Zealand born and based in Melbourne Australia, he’s shot the stars of television shows such as Shortland Street, The Block, The Bachelor, Filthy Rich, and Step Dave, as well as top news and entertainment talent. He began shooting his project “In My Ute” whilst on location in Nicaragua documenting the hitchhikers he picked up each day shooting the reality tv show “Survivor”.


“Tough, Oily Love” by Scott McAulay, shot during The Series Project in Bangkok won 2 Honourable Mentions at the 2019 IPA awards.